• Client: Sneha

For women who face domestic violence, being trapped with their abusers is their worst nightmare come true. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened during the lockdown dude to COVID-19 and calls for help on NGO helplines shot up drastically.

SNEHA is an NGO that has been fighting against domestic violence since the last 20 years and was finding it difficult to help everyone who was reaching out because of its limited resources. They needed more funds to help victims.

We launched the #LockDownMeinLockUp campaign to help them in their fundraising efforts. The campaign gave a voice to SNEHA’s victims by letting users on social media adopt a name from a list of names shared on the SNEHA Instagram page. The users posted their images declaring "I AM ..." to give these womeen a voice and raise awareness. We approached 10 Influencers who offered to help pro-bono and spread SNEHA’s appeal amongst their followers.

Despite minimal promotions, the campaign caught on fast and soon we had celebrities across a wide range of fields participating and advocating our cause. The campaign saw over 1,800 posts in just 5 days of the campaign launch, but the biggest measure of success was that we managed to raise the funds SNEHA needed within that time. Follow the campaign on Instagram

We brought to life, the stories of some of the women through illustrated posts on the SNEHA Instagram handle.